Due to the pandemic, most medical professionals are overwhelmed with the amount of patients looking for mental support, resulting to long waits and long scheduling backlogs. MindWoRx enables medical professionals to augment their practice with an effective online therapy platform, allowing them to reach and help a much wider number of patients.

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  • Research-based

    MindWoRx whole design and methodology is based on research-backed and clinically-tested practices created by leading medical professionals.

  • Scalable

    MidwoRx provides the flexibility for medical professionals to reach and treat more patients by having a self-managed online mental health solution available 24 x 7 from any location.

  • Save Time

    The MindWoRx assessment tool provides the medical professional with a pre-therapy diagnostic tool that patients can complete prior to their appointments, saving time that can be spent by the medical professional on the actual patient treatment.

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