Protect your family and loved ones by giving the gift of mental health all year round through MindSET Plus. MindSET Plus is a complete mental health solution package that includes 5 mental healthy journals combined with MindWoRx, the leading digital mental health web-based software that includes a mental health assessment module that can diagnose up to 29 mental illnesses, all confidentially and online in the privacy of your homes.

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    The MindSET Plus Package includes:

  • MindWoRx

    A web-based mental health software to improve mental resiliency and facilitate mental recovery from anxiety and depression using the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach, designed by mental health professionals.

    • Mental health assessment tool that can diagnose up to 29 mental illnesses.
    • 9 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy courses to overcome Anxiety with 8 corresponding activity worksheets
    • 9 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy courses to overcome Depression with 12 corresponding activity worksheets
    • 5 Mental Resiliency courses on Relationships, Resolving Disputes, Shyness and Sensitivity, Role Transitions, and Grief & Loss
    • Mood and symptoms tracker to monitor your condition improvements and progress.
    • Research-based guides and tips on anxiety and depression management.
    • Exclusive access to a global community support group monitored by therapists.
  • MindWoRx Journals

    5 mental health journals to guide you to self-realization and awareness designed by a mental health professional.

    • Defeating Anxiety – Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be a useful strategy to combat anxiety, reduce stress, and support mental health.
    • Overcoming Depression – Journaling for depression can help you log your thoughts and review how far you’ve come, especially on days you feel the worst.
    • Conquering Stress When you have a problem and you're stressed, keeping a journal can help you identify what’s causing that stress or anxiety.
    • Secrets Untold – Writing down your untold secrets is a way of disclosing emotions rather than suppressing them inside, which is known to be harmful to your health.
    • Self-Love – You can write about your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and reflections in a healthy way that will make you feel better.
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