Your Mind Matters (YMM) Program is developed to provide free/trial MindWoRx licenses to individuals, companies and professionals as part of Healthy Mind Solutions' core advocacy value. There are three criteria these YMM licenses can be awarded:

  1. Donation Program - MindWoRx licenses will be donated to individuals, companies and organizations targeting the marginalized portion of the population that need it the most.
  2. Pilot Program - MindWoRx trial licences will be provided to companies and organizations to test the features and functionalities, before purchasing additional licenses.
  3. FrontLiners Program – MindWoRx licenses will be provided to professions that are at the forefront of the pandemic battle, such as medical/mental health professionals and law enforcement.

The number of free/trial MindWoRx licenses donated/approved will be on a case-by-case basis. MindWoRx trial licenses are non-transferable and must be activated within 30 days, with the license being valid for 60 days after. End-users must comply with the terms and conditions of Your Mind Matters program.

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