Affiliates are a select group of partners that believe in the Healthy Mind Solutions' mission to provide affordable mental health solutions throughout the Philippines and in their local communities.

Steps to Become a Registered Affiliate

  1. Apply

    Submit an application

  2. Interview

    Schedule an interview

  3. Training

    Upon approval, attend a training

Benefits of a Registered Affiliate

  1. Contribute to the mental well-being of your local community.
  2. Access to the Affiliate Toolkit - documents and tools that will help you promote the Healthy Mind Solutions products and services.
  3. Promote your company and organization through Healthy Mind Solutions' marketing, promotions and advertising.
  4. Financial compensation only available to registered Affiliates.
  5. Affiliates are authorized to use the Healthy Mind Solutions Charter Partner Badge.
HMS Partner

If you are interested in being an Affiliate, click on the button below and send your completed application to

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