Families are currently struggling with their mental health due to the pandemic. The social isolation and in some cases the separation of parent(s) working overseas from their children, is creating a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety, and depression not only to the children but also to the parents. Parents at times feel helpless in addressing the mental health needs of their children from far away and in some cases the parent themselves are struggling with their own mental health issues. MindWoRx is an ideal web-based solution for families because it enables each member to address their own mental health needs without imposing on other family members who may not always be capable of providing the support.



  • Customized and Sustainable

    Each member of the family, the parent(s) and the children can get an assessment on their individual mental health condition and go through the program at their own pace, based on their individual needs. Each family member will learn sustainable coping skills and techniques to handle future stressful situations, providing each family member with lifelong skills.

  • Comprehensive and Flexible

    The MindWoRx platform is a complete mental health solution for the family that includes three main sections; the anxiety and depression assessment module, the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy course and the global community support group that provides a flexible solution to each member of the family, depending on the type of support each family member needs.

  • Convenient and Available 24/7

    Anxiety and depression usually occur at night when all the activities and daytime distractions have subsided. Unfortunately, most of the traditional mental health support is not available at night. The web based MindWoRx platform provides each family member with timely and convenient online mental health support when they need it and where they need it. It is just like having a therapist within reach anytime and from anywhere.

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