For businesses looking to provide their employees with a mental wellness program that is Mental Health Act – R.A. 11036 compliant, the MindwoRx platform provides a comprehensive solution that is easily accessible for all employees, emphasizing on anonymity and impartiality, being non-discriminative and with the full confidentiality of all information and communications.

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  • Lower Employee Absences

    Anxiety and depression results to higher employee absences under the “sick” days” or “family emergency” reasons for the absences. By having a formal mental wellness program at the workplace, employers can proactively address mental illness related issues resulting to reduction of employee absence due to “ mental health day”.

  • Increase Employee Productivity

    Having a formal company mental wellness benefit program using MindWoRx enables employees to manage their anxiety and depression privately and proactively resulting to more loyal and productive employees in the long term.

  • Lower HR Turnover

    By addressing employee anxiety and depression issues early on and with continuous regular mental assessment through MindWoRx, employees will more likely stay with the company and be effective contributors.

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