Separation from friends, challenges with online schooling and the uncertainty of their future is creating a tremendous amount of stress to students resulting to anxiety and depression. Teachers are struggling to cope with the stress of delivering an effective curriculum remotely to their students and at the same time balancing their own personal home life. Education administrators are swarmed with workload while trying to adjust to new systems and practiced under the “New Normal”, while Counsellors are stretched to the max, trying to accommodate the influx of calls for help from the students.


  • Confidential and Anonymous

    Students, teachers, administrators and counsellors can use the full functionality of the MindWoRx platform without revealing their identities. To avoid stigmatization and discrimination, the platform only requires an anonymous email and a non-identifiable personal information to get full access to all its features.

  • Effective

    MindWoRx platform was designed based on the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach, a globally accepted psychotherapy practice. Based on 15+ years of clinical research, students, teachers, administrators and counsellors will learn sustainable coping skills and anxiety and depression techniques to handle stressful situations.

  • Available 24/7

    MindWoRx is available when students and teachers need it the most, after school and at night when anxiety and depression is most prevalent. It provides them with timely and convenient online mental health support when they need it and where they need it. It is just like having a therapist within reach anytime and from anywhere. It is also scalable, allowing many to have immediate access simultaneously without having to wait in line.

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